Sandra Kennedy

For Arizona Corporation Commission 2018


The job of the Arizona Corporation Commissioners is to oversee energy utilities in Arizona to assure they provide reliable and affordable power. In the course of achieving this the Commission listens to testimony, examines evidence, then votes on the matter.

In the case of deregulation, there may be an opportunity to provide electricity at a lower rate to consumers, as competition often does.

But when the issue recently came before the Commission, there was a sudden decision not to hear the evidence or take the matter under consideration. The commission should have certainly examined the issue and given deregulation a fair hearing.

When I am elected and returned to the Commission, I will insist that deregulation gets a real and fair hearing.

Elect Sandra

  • Advocate for Solar Energy, a natural resource in our state with 296 days of sunshine

  • Advocate for Consumers, keeping rates low.

  • Advocate for Water Conservation, a critical resource in the desert.