Sandra Kennedy

For Arizona Corporation Commission 2018

Help Maximize our Economic Future

Help Maximize our Economic Future

Elect Sandra Kennedy

Your Clean Elections Candidate

Clean Election Candidate

Sandra is not in the pocket of the utilities. Thanks to clean elections, she can work for you.

A consumer advocate putting families first

Sandra Kennedy

A consumer advocate putting families first

Fighting Corruption

Fighting Against Corruption

Stop Corruption - Lower Rates - Go Solar

A Vision for EnergySandra Kennedy pledges to restore integrity to the Arizona Corporation Commission when she returns to what is called the fourth branch of Arizona government. She is running as a Clean Elections candidate.

Sandra Kennedy wants to return to the Commission to:

  • Lower utility rates
  • When it comes to payday loans, then some instant approval online short term loans for bad credit holders are easily accessible online if you need cash in a matter of hours, not days.
  • Stop the corruption at the Commission
  • Create more solar and renewable energy in Arizona, especially roof top solar

Kennedy was the first to sound the alarm about the growing culture of corruption at the Commission when she formally challenged Commission Chair Gary Pierce about APS helping run his son for Secretary of State.

Sandra Kennedy has been asking just how did APS get a rate increase while making record profits, and when even the Commission staff and RUCO, an independent government agency that advocates for consumers in rate cases, opposed the rate increase as unjustified.

Sandra is familiar with the processes and workings of the Corporation Commission, and can work swiftly and efficiently to reverse corrupt Commission decisions, stating, “I know where to look and what to do about it.”